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How To Replace a Washing Machine Snubber

To limit noise and vibration in a washing machine, manufacturers install a shock absorber called a snubber. Over time the snubber and/or the snubber spring will wear and loose their abilities to perform properly.

In the case of the snubber spring it will, after a period of time, develop metal fatigue and no longer retain its spring.

  1. Unplug the washing machine.
  2. Use masking or duct tape to tape the lid shut, as it will be necessary to tilt the upper portion of the washing machine to obtain access to the snubber.
op view of washing machine with lid up, highlighting location of snubber and snubber spring
Front (view looking down)
Figure 1 - Top view of washing machine with lid up, highlighting location of snubber and snubber spring
  1. Slide a putty knife or scrapper between the top frame and the main housing in the front, approximately 2 inches from the edge. Push in until you release the spring loaded clip. Repeat this on the other side of the washing machine. The lid is hinged in the back, tilt upwards, if there isn't a wall directly behind the washing machine have someone hold the top frame upright. With the lid upright the inside area of the washing machine should resemble Figure 1.
  2. This one time where digital cameras come in very handy. Take a number of pictures of how the current snubber is installed. The snubber sits on a pin that is part of the basket housing and is connected to the main housing with a spring.
  3. Remove the snubber nut and/or bolt, depending on the manufacturer, that holds the snubber spring in place.
  4. Lift the snubber of its pin, and the snubber spring should be removable (it might take a bit of wiggling to release the snubber spring from the frame. Some manufacturers, use a self threaded snubber rather than a pin. If this is your situation, use a pair of pliers to unscrew the snubber from its captive bolt.
  5. It is generally wise to replace both the snubber and the snubber spring, while you have the unit apart. Although it is not mandatory.
  6. Install the snubber and snubber spring in the reverse manner that they were removed from the machine. Refer to your digital pictures if you have problems in getting the parts to fit. The installation should be similar to that of Figure 2.
Location and mounting of snubber and snubber spring
Figure 2 - Location and mounting of snubber and snubber spring
  1. Close the washing machine lid, ensure that the spring loaded clips have locked the upper frame to the main housing.
  2. Remove the tape.
  3. Plug the machine back into its electrical outlet.