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Tips to Increase Your Home's Value Before Selling

Canada, a country nestled in North America is steadily becoming a highly demanded location across populations. The strong employment market, excellent educational facilities, low crime rate, multiculturalism, quality and affordable healthcare, and amazing outdoors; is all too alluring to be ignored. As a result of this; a plethora of people are migrating or relocating to Canada every single year.

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The number of Immigrants in Canada as of now is found to be around 300,000 which is the highest rate per population across the globe. The ownership rate too is estimated to be as high as 68.55 per cent. All of this might give you a pseudo idea about the ease of selling your house.

No doubt Canada has a hot selling market, but you need to know that the high number of buyers is sufficiently complemented by an equally high number of sellers; which makes the market really competitive and can make selling your house challenging.

Selling your home is not as easy today as it used to be in the past. According to 2020 estimates, around 552400 homes have been sold; which clearly indicates the wide availability of houses in Canada.

With innumerable alternatives at hand for the buyer; you as a seller need to stand out significantly for them to choose you over the rest. One of the easiest ways to do so is to list your house at a low cost. However, if that is something you cannot afford, you really need to up your property’s charm; since only that can increase your home’s value.

Here we have put together 6 tips you should take into account if you want to increase your home's value:

  1. Take the assistance of a home appraiser
  2. A home appraiser can help you determine the most relevant price for your house. They will thoroughly assess your house, and without bias, determine the perfect price or cost of a home appraisal for your potential buyers. The home price is decided based on an array of factors like home’s condition, location, size, age and so on. Since home appraisers are professionals and have a good experience which is backed by thorough training; they will help you claim a fair price for your property and can also recommend the changes needed to boost the value of your house.
  1. Get renovations done
  2. No matter how much we deny it; first impressions truly last long. Everyone loves to walk into a well-furnished, aesthetically decorated and captivating house. Renovate your house such that the aesthetics are well-balanced with serviceability. This will undoubtedly bring up the price of your house. When you renovate, make sure personal elements are avoided so that the potential buyers can visualize themselves in the house. Personal preferences like photographs, particular colors and so on; might interrupt the buyer’s ability to imagine their life at your place. So, renovate thoughtfully by striking the perfect balance between under-doing and over-doing the interiors. You can hire professionals who will plan and design most impeccably.
  1. Update your home finishes
  2. If renovations are an exorbitant alternative for you; you can simply go with making superficial upgrades. These can play a notable role in increasing the cost of your house as well. Home finishes can incorporate aspects like changing front doors, replacing old fixtures and of course applying a fresh coat of paint. Painting is the most cost-effective way of increasing the value of your house. It has been claimed that it can shoot up the price of your house by 5%! Paints can make your house look neat, appealing and desirable. Go for neutral shades as they are widely loved!
  1. Install energy-efficient features and appliances
  2. When a buyer is house-hunting; he is not merely looking for a stunning property but also wants to ensure that the living will be affordable for him. For this reason, you should install modern appliances that are energy efficient thereby resulting in lower billing costs. When your buyer gets to know that your house features energy-efficient appliances, this will serve as a cherry on top for the future and they will be more inclined to buy it!
  1. Freshen up your curb appeal and declutter the space
  2. No one likes a space that is in a mess and cluttered up. A crowded room often appears to look smaller than its actual size. A decluttered space looks better organized, augments the space, facilitates better visualization and is overall more appealing. To add on; you can improve the curb appeal by installing fresh plants or other elements of nature.
  1. Fix defects
  2. Deficits in the house can drive away your buyers. Take the effort to get a thorough inspection done so you can fix the deficits like leakage, wiring, heating-cooling systems and so on.

All in all, the way you present your house can have a great impact on its value. Additionally to everything mentioned above, ensure your demeanor towards the buyers is as good as it can be so they are not refrained by your attitude and you make the sale you always planned to!