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Home Renovation Planning Tips From the Pros

Home renovations are not for the faint of heart. It’s a lot of work, and you have to be prepared to do it. However, that doesn't mean that you can't enjoy your home renovation! This article will give you some tips on how to plan out your home renovation so that it's as fun as possible. For example, what type of home are you renovating? How much space do you have? What are your goals for the project? These are all questions worth thinking about before getting started with any type of project plan.

interior of house under renovation

Make sure that you respect the law

When you want to redecorate your house, you want to make sure that you do not break the law in doing so. There are regulations in place to prevent you from making modifications that are too extensive without consulting the city. For example, if your house is more than 75 years old, it might be protected by historic laws. Sometimes, when people are cutting into walls, for example, they hit cables and water pipes in the process. So, before you get started with renovations, contact the town office and make sure that you fulfilled everything the Building Inspector Checklist might require from you. They will tell you if your project is legal or not.

In the same vein, make sure that your renovation is done according to building codes. These are rules put in place for a good reason and you do not want to break them because of how serious they can be. For example, what happens when renovations affect the structural integrity of a wall? This goes for adding decks, too. The town Building Inspector will know if you should be allowed to build a deck and how high it can be.

Prepare yourself before starting

No matter if you want to renovate a room or an entire floor, preparation is key. It is recommended that you make a list of all the tasks needed throughout the renovation and arrange them by priority. If there are things on your list for which you aren't certain you can do on your own, hire a professional to do it for you. Better to be safe than sorry.

If you need to paint the house, make sure that you clean up all dust and grease before getting started. You want to make sure that no speck remains behind because otherwise, your paint will not stick well and will chip off after a few months instead. It is recommended that you clean up properly with water mixed with some disinfectant soap and let everything dry for at least two days before painting can begin.

If any type of electrical work must be done in the renovation, then it is also important to plan ahead. For instance, if the wiring has previously been done by amateurs, get an electrician on board right from the start so you are guaranteed to have safe installations throughout the house.

Start right away with the smaller fixes

Any issue that your house has that you think you can fix or improve with your family and friends is a great place to start. Changing the lightbulbs or fixing a squeaky door, for instance, is something that any amateur can do with enough patience. Even small things like those make a difference in the end and they allow you to become more familiar with the renovations as a whole.

If there is any DIY work that you can do on your own, then do it right away. This way, you will get rid of the small stuff before tackling bigger projects. Plus, if you did all the small fixes beforehand, then it means that there won't be any snags in terms of electricity or plumbing when these are being done because everything has already been tested and works to your satisfaction.

A contractor's role in your renovation

Whether you plan on renovating an entire floor or just want to redecorate one room, having professional help is pretty important. The right experts know exactly how everything should be done and can advise you on what materials will give you the best results for your money. A professional contractor has extensive knowledge of various styles and knows exactly what mixes well with others and will bring out the best in each other. When it comes to renovations and home design, hiring them simply gives you the upper hand and ensures that you end up with a truly stunning house.

Furthermore, if your contractor is doing the work with their team, then you can be sure that everyone will show up when they are supposed to and make progress at the same time. They also know how to avoid wasting time on small details and instead focus on what really matters in each room.

Don't overdo things

Vital advice everyone should follow is not to overdo things. If you want to renovate an entire floor, for instance, make sure that you don't overexert yourself because you might end up with stress or worse yet, injury. This is also true when it comes to the renovations themselves - if something seems too much work for your personal capabilities, hire some muscle and pay for their services.

Even though you might think that the contractors are expensive, the fact is that they will get everything done in time and of great quality. This way, all your efforts will not go to waste and you'll know that every element of your house has been well-thought-out and perfectly completed.

installing caulk around a window

When planning your renovations, think about what the final product will look like and how much time it will take to complete everything. A little bit of research goes a long way because by knowing all aspects of such renovation projects, you can save yourself from potential disasters! If you are not sure where to start searching for advice, talk to friends or colleagues who have already done home renovations asking them for tips and tricks so you can avoid making any mistakes they might regret having made themselves. By investing in professional help at the beginning and following these simple rules throughout your project, there is no reason why you should not be able to improve the look of your home just the way you have always wanted.