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Where To Spend Money On Home Renovations?

Years after a house is built, some parts of it are likely to show signs of deterioration which would require renovation. Apart from damages that would require immediate repair, homeowners may also feel concerned about their property looking outdated. This makes them wonder if a renovation is needed.

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However, some homeowners may find it challenging to start a home improvement project as it requires careful planning as well as time and resources. With this in mind, you need to identify the goal that you'd like to achieve before getting started. These goals will help you create an effective renovation plan and allocate resources as needed. Renovations may be costly, so it’s essential to invest in something truly important to you and your family.

From adding a new bedroom to installing locking mailboxes on your curbside, there are numerous ways you can give your home an upgrade according to your needs. Read below for helpful suggestions in knowing where to spend your money if you wish to renovate your home.

Renovations That Add Comfort

Adding features that can make your beloved home even more comfortable may be the kind of renovation you would want to consider. You can add these features depending on your preferences, budget, and compatibility with other elements in your house. Here are some examples of home upgrades that could make your days spent at home even more enjoyable:

  • Build Outdoor Living Spaces: Outdoor livings spaces include gardens, roof decks, and porches. These additions allow more movement in your home and more options for leisure and relaxation.
  • Build Or Remodel Rooms: Depending on your family’s needs, these additions can provide more comfort in your day-to-day living. These could mean adding or expanding a bedroom, turning an unused space into an entertainment room, or remodeling a bathroom. Though adding a new room can be more costly compared to other projects, it can be worth the investment if you and your family can benefit from it.
  • Upgrade Using Technology: This will not only add a modern touch to your room but can also make everyday tasks easier. For instance, you can invest in smart home technology that can give you a centralized control system for many purposes such as lighting, ventilation, window and door opening, etc.

Renovations That Improve Home Security

Boosting your homes’ security system may prove to be a good investment. Some studies have shown that burglars decide on a target property depending on the kind of security system it has in place. This is why it may be a wise decision to spend money on advanced equipment that could fend off possible break-ins. Here are some examples of upgrades you can consider for your home’s added security:

  • Install Security Cameras: Having a home security camera is a great way to protect your home. A surveillance camera can both deter intruders and recover footage to help identify them as needed. Burglars tend to avoid properties where security cameras are visible.
  • Upgrade Door Locks: Experts advise homeowners to change their door locks every seven years. If you feel that your locks might need to be replaced, you can consider investing in modern options like smart locks and electronic locks. These types of locks use state-of-the-art designs that not only offer enhanced security and protection but also convenience and ease of use. Some of these sophisticated door-locking systems use fingerprint scan, keypad, voice command, and even access via mobile applications.
  • Install Burglar Alarms: This offers enhanced protection for your property as it can prevent intrusions before they happen. Though many homeowners hesitate to install an alarm in their houses because of the costs and the monitoring it requires, providing your family the feeling of safety and security in your own home makes it a worthy investment. When it comes to installation, it may be best to consult with experts so you can be sure of the quality and effectiveness of the alarms.

Renovations That Boost Property Value

There are key areas in a house that largely influences the property’s value. These elements attract potential buyers and add to the home’s marketability. Thus, it may be useful to look into these areas in your home and see how you can give them an update to enhance their aesthetic appeal.

  • Add Curb Appeal: There are many ways you can enhance the attractiveness of your property and its surroundings from a street point of view. It could be as simple as repainting the front entrance or adding flower boxes. You can also add outdoor lighting, a house number, or a vintage lock on your entry door to give it a unique twist.
  • Remodel The Interior: ExpertOwners usually choose to remodel their basement, bathroom, and kitchen as these are shared spaces frequently used by the occupants. Many homeowners focus on remodeling the kitchen when they’re trying to boost their property value. This is because some potential buyers usually decide to buy a property based on how much they like the kitchen. However, remodeling isn’t the only way you can give your kitchen an upgrade. Instead, you can invest in state-of-the-art appliances and gadgets, modern countertops, or stylish light fixtures.
  • When it comes to the bathroom, minor renovations can also give this common space an updated look that can boost the house's value. You can consider replacing lights and fittings, bathtubs and toilets, or painting the walls.

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Renovating your valued property can both be a rewarding and challenging process. Though it may seem like a daunting task, the key is not to lose sight of the reasons you’ve decided to take on the project. It’s essential to keep your original goal in mind so you can make informed and calculated decisions on how you’re going to allocate resources to complete your home renovation project.