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4 Super Simple Ways You Can Elevate Your Home Decor with Art

Art prints are very trendy these days in the world of interior design – and by the looks of it, it’s here to stay! It’s no mystery why. A large, beautiful piece of art on your wall creates a unique focal point in your home, setting the mood and theme for the entire space.

If you’re interested in purchasing an extra large wall art print for your home, here are some useful tips on how you can use it to supersize and elevate your existing home decor.

  1. Put a bold statement on an empty wall
  2. Easily create an interesting focal point on a drab, empty wall by placing a large wall print on it. It could be a statement piece that adds a much-needed pop of colour to the room or perhaps you’d prefer the vivid strokes of abstract art to tie the whole place together.
  3. Large art prints are like magic in the way they have the power to draw everyone’s eye to the masterpiece, instantly bringing the place to life. See the difference yourself as you wake up to a magnificent piece of art right in your very own home, much akin to a fanciful art gallery.
  4. For modern themes, you can choose to hang your choice of wall print vertically or horizontally. Some common places include above the couch or by the dining room table.
  1. The more, the merrier!
  2. Who says you have to stop at one? A set of three fantastic wall art prints is an easy way of creating a showstopper, one that catches everyone’s intrigue and sparks substantial conversation.
  3. A trio of art with a nice theme will also help create a sense of warmth and comfort in your home, as the patterns and colors have a way of making viewers feel at ease.
  4. The best part is that you can incorporate this concept into any room in the house. In the dining room, lounge, or even in the kids’ room. It’s a great way to add a colorful stimulus that will keep your little tots engaged.
  1. Let your art set the tone of the room
  2. Most people choose a piece of art to match the room – why not turn things around and match the rest of decor with your art instead? For example, you can take inspiration from the colours of art print and use it as a basis for the room’s color palette. This is a great way to introduce harmony to the space.
  3. You can even mix and match for a unique and eclectic flair by playing around with patterns and textures. Don’t be afraid to let loose and have a little fun while redecorating – it doesn’t have to be a chore!
  4. Find an art piece that you like, hang it up, and then start thinking how to go about furnishing the rest of the room. It’s a great change of pace and you’ll be amazed at what results you can come up with.
  1. Bring the outdoors inside
  2. If you feel like your space is lacking a bit in the liveliness department, it may be time to employ interior designers’ age-old trick: bring the outdoors in.
  3. This can be done as simply as putting up a large botanical print or perhaps one that depicts a tropical paradise. The colors and vibes of the artwork are sure to instantly bring a delightful sense of brightness into your space.
  4. With the right piece of art, you can be surrounded by a beautiful depiction of luscious green plants, just as if you’re out sitting in nature. You can also opt to bring the ocean sunrise or a classic famous landmark to the comfort of your own home with just the magic of art.