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6 Home Additions To Consider For Your Next Makeover Session

stone fireplace

When you’re considering making alterations to your home, it can seem like there are endlessly contradictory pieces of advice. The following aims to simplify the process by exploring a few common home additions that can add value and comfort to your home.

Of course, every home is different, and every real estate market has its own standards and norms. This means that for the best results, it’s a good idea to speak to a local real estate professional about the impact of your choices on your property value in your particular area. It is possible to price yourself out of a given market. It is also possible to add a feature that decreases your home’s value.

Installing A Fireplace

There’s nothing quite as cozy as curling up next to the fireplace with a book, especially if it’s storming and cold outside. A fireplace can add a feeling of class and warmth to pretty much any room but is particularly beautiful in a study or living room. It’s also important to look into the coding standards in your area if you do want a wood-burning fireplace, as there are often regulations you need to meet for safety reasons.

Glass Wall Additions

When adding an entire room or expanding a room, most people think of standard walls. Depending on the room’s purpose, you might want to look into floor-to-ceiling windows. This can help create a bright, friendly space during the day and a magical sunset location.

Study after study has been proving that natural light is fantastic for your health. It boosts your vitamin d levels which can help support your immune system and circadian rhythm as well as improve your mood. These health benefits can bleed into all areas of your life by improving your relationships, sleep, work performance, decision-making skills, and hormone levels.

Porch Or Deck

If you have the yard space for a porch or deck, this can be a wonderful addition to your home that allows you to enjoy more of your time outside. If there’s a comfortable space just outside, you might find yourself getting more fresh air on a daily or weekly basis. Having your coffee on the porch in the morning as the birds chatter in the distance can start your day with peace and positivity. Porches and decks can also improve the curbside appeal, which can really impact your home’s value.

picture of front doors on older home with porch

Finish The Basement

Some homes have way more space than is utilized when it comes to unfinished basements. Taking the time to improve the basement by adding comfortable flooring, finished walls, and other features can result in extra bedrooms, a study, playroom, laundry room, or other room. Because of this, finishing the basement often is an excellent choice for people whose family is in the process of expanding. Pay attention to maximizing natural lighting and selecting solid artificial lighting as basements tend to be darker than above-ground rooms.

Rental Suites

In the chaos of the modern age, more and more millennials and members of generation Z are looking for ways to set themselves up with multiple streams of income. If you have the space and are in an area that is populated enough, a rental suite might be an excellent investment. Not only can you rent the space out while you continue to live on the property, but when it comes time to sell, the property is an income property, and this provides you with more sale options.

Closets Or Pantries

Closets and pantries are among the easier additions to include in your home as they tend to be much smaller than standard rooms. Extra storage space makes cleaning and organization easier (especially quick cleaning when your in-laws show up unannounced) as there’s less of your stuff out on display. Storage space is also something that people shopping for homes love seeing.

The above should have given you a few ideas for home additions that can increase the comfort of your property. Again, it’s important to note that each real estate market has its own standards and limits. In some locations, a finished basement would increase the value of a home to the degree that no one shopping in that area can afford it, meaning you won’t get that initial investment back upon selling, even if a finished basement would increase the worth of the home if it were in another area. Checking with a local real estate professional before making additions can help keep your sense of improved value realistic, given your location.