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Repair and Renovation: Helpful Tips in Selling Your House Quickly

Selling a house isn’t as easy as selling your precious jewelry. Finding a buyer isn’t as instantaneous as you find a new owner of your car. Your home is your legal property, which means that when you hand over your house keys, you’re also transferring the legal rights to the new owner. Hence, you need to follow a legal procedure.

When selling your house, you aim to sell it at the right price. Hence, before presenting it to the public, make it look good and marketable. Do some necessary repairs if some parts of the house need one. Make some renovations to enhance the quality of your home. These will significantly increase its market value, so the chance is high to get the best deal. For expert guidance and assistance in maximizing your property's market value, consider the insights from Estate & Letting Agents East Ham.

You don’t necessarily have to do the overall renovation of the house. Simply add some improvements and enhance other existing house parts to leave a wow factor to your potential buyer. However, you still need to pay extra money to defray all expenses. Read the details below to know the necessary house repairs and renovations to sell your house quickly.

However, if you’re not in a hurry in getting rid of a property and you’re willing to spend for renovations to sell your home at a higher price, here are some things you should do.

Roof and Ceiling

A good potential buyer will be looking into a house to see the possible repair expenses before buying it. One of them is the condition and age of the roof and ceiling. If your roof is leaking and the ceiling is damaged, you should consider fixing these issues as they are essential factors that buyers are looking for.

Damaged roof and ceiling may result in many problems. It may produce mold and mildew growth that will spread to the entire structure of the house. It’ll eventually damage the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system of the house.

Also, the damaged roof and ceiling will surely give the new owner the expected higher utility bills for unnecessary use of energy. A wise buyer would opt for a house with a roof and ceiling in good and functional condition, instead of buying one with damages that will make him pay even more.


One of the best repairs and renovations that you should do before selling your house is the flooring. The condition and the quality of the floor significantly affect the overall house quality. You can hire a person to repair the damaged floors. Installing a carpet or replacing a new one is also another good option.

If you have enough budget, you may have wood or faux-wood on your floor. These may be more expensive than carpeting, but the result will surely amaze you. Otherwise, carpeting will still be a good choice. Remember that each penny spent for the repair and renovation of the flooring will be back to you at a reasonable price when you sell a house.

Wall Repainting

To increase the market value of your house, you have to add to its aesthetics. The first impression of the homebuyers usually lasts. It'll be the primary objective of doing house repairs and renovations. You can achieve your goal by repainting the exterior and interior walls.

Choose the right combination of paint colors appropriate in your living room, dining area, bedrooms, and other parts of your home. You can search on the internet to learn more about the best combination of colors to make your house attractive and homey. You can also ask an experienced house painter to get some tips on what paint brand is better and what color combination is the best. They pretty much sure know about that.

Repainting will make your house look new, and it conceals the imperfections of the walls. It could be scratches, dark spots, stains, and any other eyesores. All of these things will be removed by putting on new beautiful and quality paint colors.

Kitchen and Bathroom

Renovating a house with the objective of getting the best selling price in the market will be a challenge to everyone. Hence, the kitchen and the bathroom are the parts of the house that need a little bit of enhancement to look good and attract potential buyers.

Meals are prepared in the kitchen, and everyone gets bathed in the bathroom. These are necessities that the potential buyers will see to it that these are both in good working condition. You can repair any damage and repaint the existing kitchen cabinet. The main countertops look old with scratches and stains that need replacement. Adding or replacing the old backsplash will also be a good option to give a new look for the kitchen.

The tiles or whatever flooring and walling materials used in the bathroom might have stains and molds. It means a replacement should be done. Make sure that there’s no problem with the water system, electricity, and even the plumbing and drainage. Potential buyers tend to check all of these parts of the house.

The cabinets in the bathroom and kitchen are easily noticeable to potential buyers. However, replacing cabinets isn’t always practical. Unless you have severely damaged or unusable cabinets, consider refacing them for more return value.

You can also consider replacing outdated hardware and fixtures in these areas of your home. While it’s not cheap, replacing bathroom and kitchen hardware can be an easy DIY project you can do yourself. If you have a few extra hours, you can transform your kitchen and bathroom and improve resale value.

Avoid Low Resale Value Renovation Work

There are some renovation jobs that are not effective at returning the home’s resale value. These include renovations on offices, media rooms, basements, or backyards. Generally, additions don’t pay off, whether it’s a bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen addition. While these improvements can improve the home’s square footage, the cost of investment is too high for what you get in return after the sale.


Selling a house deals with many challenges to get the best selling price in the market. It demands your time, effort, and even your money to cover all of the possible expenses during the renovation process. The market value tends to increase when the house quality increases as well. If you wish to sell your house in the future, remember the helpful tips above.