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Budgeting For A Hardwood Flooring Installation

If you are considering the installation of hardwood floors, before you commit, you should have an idea of the overall cost and hence you should prepare a budget.

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Floor preparation and actual installation costs can vary dramatically depending on the geographic area that you live in. Other factors include the type of property you have. As an example, the costs of installation in a high rise condominium will generally be higher than in a home with the same square footage. The reason is the added cost of transporting material from the ground floor, up in elevators, and into the actual location of the installation.

Table 1 should only be used to create an overview budget. It is important to get accurate quotes from local contractors before proceeding.

Table 1
Hardwood Flooring Installation Budget
(Labor Only)







Glue Down

1.75 sq. ft.

3.25 sq. ft.

6.50 sq. ft.

Nail Down

1.50 sq. ft.

3.00 sq. ft.

6.00 sq. ft.


1.50 sq. ft.

2.75 sq. ft.

5.50 sq. ft.

Under Pad (sound proofing)

1.00 sq. ft.

1.25 sq. ft.

2.50 sq. ft.

Plywood On Concrete

1.00 sq. ft.

1.50 sq. ft.

3.00 sq. ft.

Moisture Barrier

1.00 sq. ft.

1.25 sq. ft.

2.50 sq. ft.

Quarter Round / Shoe Molding

1.00 li. ft

1.25 li. ft

2.50 li. ft

Base Board

1.50 li. ft

2.00 li. ft

4.00 li. ft

Common Border - strip or plank

2.00 li. ft.

3.00 li. ft.

6.00 li. ft.


40.00 / stair

60.00 / stair

120.00 / stair


3.00 sq. ft.

4.50 sq. ft.

9.00 sq. ft.


1.00 sq. ft.

1.25 sq. ft.

2.50 sq. ft.

The aforementioned table assumes an empty room without anything covering the floors. For budgetary purposes, the removal of carper, under pad and wood stripping is approximately $0.25 a sq. ft.

It also does not include the costs of debris removal.

Furniture removal is always extra.