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Introduction To Greenhouse Kits

Many gardeners' dream of having their own garden has been realized with a greenhouse kit, as shown in Figure 1. You simply order the kit and then go home to assemble it in your gardens instead of having it custom built for you by a manufacturer.

Greenhouse kit
Figure 1 - Greenhouse kit

Basically, greenhouse kits are garden houses that are ready to build. Greenhouse kits come in different sizes and greenhouses made from these kits can measure from fifty square feet to four hundred square feet. Most greenhouse kits measure eight feet in height.

These kits also vary in designs; some are made in the traditional way, which means they have all the characteristics of a greenhouse while other are made using basic designs.

In most greenhouse kits, the hot house walls frames are made using durable aluminum, steel or plastic. However, there are some kits that have wooden frames. Instead of the traditional glass, plastic is the material normally used to make coverings or panels used to fill up the space in between the frames.

A reason for this is plastics are difficult to damage and are great insulators as well. The doors of greenhouse kits are usually made of a rollup or flap made from flexible plastic. If you want to close your greenhouse you can use the zips which are usually at the edges.

Building greenhouses can be expensive and time consuming and some gardeners may not have the time or the money to build greenhouses.

Greenhouse kits only need assembling and therefore do not require as much time or money to bring up. These are easily available and you will not have a difficult time when looking for them. Greenhouse kits come in a variety of sizes and this means the gardener is not limited in terms of choices.

You don't have to be an expert to put up a greenhouse kit, it is simple to assemble and you can do it using common household tools. Greenhouse kits are also very flexible and in case you change your mind regarding the location in their garden, you can just move it. You can order a greenhouse kit on our site and have it shipped directly to your door at not extra charge.

When choosing a greenhouse kit, you need to consider the size of their garden. The greenhouse kit should be able to fit the garden. Another thing one should consider is the cost. You should compare different prices of different kinds of greenhouse kits before settling for one.

Another thing you should look out for is if a wheel barrow can pass through the doors of the greenhouse kit you have chosen. You will need a wheel barrow when taking manure or when cleaning the garden among other things.

Be sure you check with your city or county building department to confirm whether you need a permit allowing you to have a greenhouse before you make the purchase.

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