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Glass Blocks - Types & Styles

Glass blocks are manufactured in numerous finishes, textures, colors and shapes which allow the for the construction of a wide variety of full walls, half walls, partitions, as shown in Figure 1, railings and windows that would suit almost any environment.

glass blocks as room divider
Figure 1 - Glass blocks used as a partition between an entryway and a living room.

Styles and Features Of Glass Blocks




see through glass block

See Through

The see through glass block does not distort vision and allows for the maximum transmission of light. This block is generally used in a grid pattern.

frosted glass block


A frosted glass block provides good without the use of a pattern. The frosted texture is placed on the inside faces of the glass making them very easy to clean.

random wave glass block

Random Wave

By designing an intersecting random wave pattern this glass block provides an elegant appearance and superb privacy. The exterior surface is smooth which makes cleaning trouble-free.

vertical & horizontal rib glass block

Vertical / Horizontal Rib

By placing vertical ribs on one side of the glass block and horizontal ribs on the other side, true privacy is obtained without sacrificing a lot of light transmission. To make cleaning convenient the ribs are placed on the inside surfaces of the glass block.

crystalline glass block


The crystalline pattern provides elegance, privacy and still transmits the majority of light.

diamond glass block


The diamond pattern provides unique light transmission placing shadows and light throughout the room. An excellent choice if looking for windows requiring some privacy.

leather glass block


Leather as an elegance all its own and when molded into a glass block you have created sophistication coupled with privacy and light transmission.

grid glass block


If looking to eliminate glare while still providing adequate privacy and acceptable light transmission the grid pattern is an excellent choice.

Types Of Glass Blocks

22.5 degree glass block
22.5 Degree
90 degree corner glass block
Corner - 90 Degree
double end glass block
Double End
weck end glass block
Weck End

Glass Block Colors

blue glass block
gold glass block
grey glass block
green glass block
rose glass block
turquoise glass block
violet glass block