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Building Walls With Glass Blocks For Showers - Part 1

Part 2

Glass blocks are an excellent building material for shower enclosures, as shown in Figure 1. The array of glass block designs, finishes, transparencies form clear to opaque and angles allow the designer to create almost any shape imaginable. Glass blocks are not an inexpensive material and are comparable in price to high quality porcelain or natural stone tiles, such as marble.

Glass blocks used to build a shower enclosure
Figure 1 - Glass blocks used for a shower enclosure

Glass blocks are a project that most DIY home handymen can undertake and have a successful outcome.

It should be noted that almost all municipal building departments have regulations, codes and requirements regarding the installation of glass blocks. You should always check with your local building department to ensure that your construction methods meet with their approval.

Many glass block manufacturers have installation systems that include aluminum tracks and other items to enhance the potential installation of their specific glass block products. These accessories also allow the diy home handyman to build, with glass blocks and produce a professional looking job.

Always follow the manufacturer's instructions.

When using glass blocks to build the walls of a shower you must mate the glass blocks to three pieces of architecture.

  1. Shower Base Or Sill
  2. Wall
  3. Shower Door Frame
Connecting glass blocks to shower base or sill
Figure 2 - Connecting glass blocks to shower base or sill

For longevity of the installation it is recommended that the backing material be concrete board, however green board drywall will work.

The finishing material can be any of the standard shower enclosure products: Natural stone such as marble, ceramic and porcelain tile.

The threshold can be the same material as the finishing material or you can install a marble threshold.

Connecting The Glass Block To A Wall (Figure 3):

Connecting glass blocks to the bathroom wall