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Garage Heaters

A typical two car garage represents approximately 20% of the usable space in an average home.

Dimplex DGWH4031 Garage/Workshop Electric Heater- Heats Up to 400 Sq Ft!
Figure 1 - Garage heater

Garage heaters are available as portable or permanent installations in natural gas (ng), liquid propane (lg) and electric.

Uncomfortable temperatures prevent activity in the garage during the winter months:

  • Mechanical Maintenance
  • Workshop / Hobby Activities
  • Recreation (exercise equipment / table tennis)
  • Pet comfort
  • Laundry

Cold temperatures in the garage are also detrimental to vehicles and house plumbing:

  • Ice, snow and salt stay frozen on auto sheet metal
  • Damaging cold engine starts
  • Slow car heater warm-up
  • Plumbing in garage or adjacent wall may freeze