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6 Garage Storage Hacks To Keep It Clean and Clutter-Free

Do you have a garage? If so, are the walls capped with cement or brightly painted? Does it have an overhang to keep your car protected from precipitation? Do you park there at night instead of driving up and down the driveway every time you get home late from work or after having drinks with friends? If so, maybe you have some personal belongings in there.

From bikes to car parts, recycling bins to bikes, the garage is the perfect place for storing some things, and especially if you live in an urban area, your garage may be on full display to the community; which means that if it's messy and disorganized, people will know. So let's take a look at how we can keep our garages clean and tidy.

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Install WorkSpace Garage Cabinets

One effective way to keep your garage clean is with workspace garage cabinets. The reason they are so effective is that not only do they have a ton of storage space, but you can also put your tools in there as well. This makes it so much easier for you to find what you need when you need it. It will be right there where you put it, not somewhere in the garage. You probably won't need a garage cabinet that is six feet wide and four feet tall, especially if you only have one car garage! So measure up your garage before you purchase anything.

Once you have the garage cabinets, you'll need to put them together. Most garage cabinets come in flat-pack form so they are easy to transport and assemble. All you have to do is follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer, which will ensure your garage cabinets are assembled correctly and safely.

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Think Vertical to keep your garage storage clean and clutter-free

Don't stack things on the floor or on the benchtops, rather hang them up; It's possible to store many times more items in less space by using wall-mounted hooks, fixed shelves, and containers. A few simple changes like using the walls to store your stuff and putting things in buckets can help you save a lot of space in your garage.

For example: If you have a bicycle, make use of the wall space by attaching a large metal basket on one side of the garage and adding hooks for two bikes on both sides of the basket. Instead of a metal shelf, a wooden pallet can be used as a shelf and it could easily hold all your gardening accessories or tools that you use at home.

Kid Toys Storage

Although garages are primarily used for storing cars, it is also one of the most cluttered rooms in the house. Not only does it store bulky equipment that you hardly use but also random kid toys or tools that have been stored away long ago.

It becomes difficult to park your car when there is stuff everywhere in the garage; however, a simple solution to this problem is a kid toys storage system. You can keep your kids' toys in one corner of the garage and have a designated spot for other stuff as well.

Portable Storage Caddy

This is a great way to keep your garage storage clean and clutter-free. Storing items away in any designated space keeps them out of sight, but they are always there when you need them. Storage caddies can be placed anywhere, on the walls or high up on shelves for example. Getting organized with Portable Storage Caddy is now even easier with the new design.

If you're tired of an untidy garage, this article is perfect for you. We have 6 hacks to keep your garage storage clean and clutter-free. They are cheap, fast, and easy to do which means that you can get organized in no time at all.

Grab-and-Go Baskets

These are some of the best ways to keep your garage storage clean and clutter-free. Storage containers are awesome for keeping things organized, but they might not be the best option when it comes to easy access. If you're like most people, you use your garage for more than one thing; maybe you store tools in there or only park in it instead of the driveway. If you're like most people, then that means your storage needs are likely changing depending on the situation.

Bring in Bins and Boxes

Garages are essential for storing your tools, riding lawn mowers, bicycles, etc. There are various storage solutions that can be used in garages to keep everything accessible and neat. This includes using bins or boxes where you can store smaller items such as screws, nails, bolts, and other hardware. Larger bins or boxes can also be used to store other items that you use less often, such as holiday decorations or old clothes. Using bins and boxes to store your tools can make them easy to find. This will keep everything neat and organized, giving the garage a tidy appearance.

One of the most used and occupied rooms in a house is the garage. It might be difficult to keep it clean and clutter-free but with these hacks, you can always manage to keep everything in order; thus your garage will not only look neat but also provide ample space for parking your car or stacking other stuff that you don't use often. All these ideas and tips are simple and easy to follow which makes them even more attractive options. Try them out today and you'll see how they can transform your garage completely.