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Remodeling Your Family Room - Part 1

Part 2

The term family room means different things to different people. But in all cases it is the area where the family spends most of its free time.

The family room can provide an assortment of features. In many cases the features within the room are very relevant to the ages of the family members. Because of that, family rooms tend to change over the years. With a young family it may include toys and games and appropriate areas for organizing and storing those items. As the family matures, the room might take on a different persona housing computers and computer games, with more emphasis on audio and video entertainment.

In later years the family room may become a media center and area for reading.

In many cases the family room is adjacent or part of the overall kitchen area, allowing the family cook to maintain surveillance over younger family members while preparing meals. By having the kitchen area, as part of the family room, the process of cooking meals can become a family project and the cook is not isolated from family conversation.

Family rooms come in all sizes and shapes and because of this can be a difficult room to design. To create a family room that works for your family I suggest that you start with a list of functions and items that you would like to have within the area.

For some, the remodeled family room will include a fireplace, for others walls lined with book shelves, and for others the family room will contain several very comfortable chairs and sofas. Of course a host of the latest in audio and visual entertainment is on most wish lists.

With the 3D home design software packages that are available you can design your family room and see exactly what it will look like before you start. The 3D software packages allow your imagination and creativity to work in high gear without upfront expense.

media room remodel, before
Picture 1 - Family room, before remodel

For some homeowners, a new family room can be a major remodel. As an example: When asked to remodel a family room and turn it into a media center, Quaker Road Associates of Chappaqua, NY had to completely demolish the area, as shown in Picture 1, raise the roof and reconstruct the room, as shown in Picture 2.

While this level of remodel may be beyond some homeowner budgets it is a good example of what can be done with the right planning and a expert remodeling contractor.

media room remodel, after
Picture 2 - Media room, after remodel

Pictures compliments of Quaker Road Associates, Chappaqua, NY.