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Exploring the Benefits of the Babcock-Davis Coastal Zone Exterior Access Door for Coastal Properties

The Babcock-Davis Coastal Zone Exterior Access Door work wonders when applied to your coastal establishments with its superb engineering and beautiful aesthetics. Let's take a look at its features:

What you Need to Know About The BXTA-H Coastal Zone Access Door

Due to its engineering and functionalities, the Babcock-Davis' Coastal Zone Exterior Access Door is an exceptional innovation due to its high velocity and impact-tested door to ensure you get only the best products in terms of durability. Its resistance to violent storms is second to none, with its design pressure of +/-80psf to ensure that protection is the priority.

The BXTA-H's door mechanism comprises a non-locking handle that gives you a smooth and quick emergency exit. Regarding strength and durability, this coastal zone exterior access door is second to none with its stainless steel continuous piano hinge along its fully welded extruded aluminum frame that promises water tightness, ensuring no water comes inside, reducing the risk of deterioration such as rust and corrosion inside the coastal establishment.

These trusty coastal exterior access doors also come in various options to meet your construction project needs. A flexible coastal access door is best for multiple applications such as; beach fronts, marinas, hotels, resorts, and other coastal establishments.

Miami-Dade County Certification

One of the reasons the BXTA-H is an excellent coastal access door is that it is Miami-Dade County certified, which means its durability is in line with the standards of the Miami Building Code and the Florida Building Code.

These doors are givens tests to see if they fit the required durability of a door. Here are some pointers on how the Miami-Dade County Certification does its tests:

  • An approved large door by Miami-Dade County will have the same approval as a small one if it is the same type and has the same maximum tested pressure.
  • For a door with glazing, it requires multiple tests. At the same time, those roof access hatches or doors do not need impact or cyclic requirements per their rules.

Benefits of Installing The BXTA-H in Coastal Properties

Now that you have learned about the engineering and functionalities of the BXTA-H, it's time to determine its excellent benefits while installed on a property near the coast or body of water.

  1. Provides Water Access
  2. Water access is the number one benefit of the BXTA-H. Properties built near bodies of water must have water access to perform the most crucial thing in owning a property: performing repairs and maintenance.
  3. Get the most accessible water access with this exterior coastal access door with its beautifully engineered build that promises durability and resistance to the dangers of water.
  1. Superior Durability
  2. Since these establishments operate near bodies of water, anything that comes with it must contain water, rust, and corrosion-proof capabilities, and this is where the BXTA-H takes place. It is a durable, secure door that is perfect for coastal areas. This exterior coastal access is highly durable with its rust and weather-resistant 24-gauge steel material, making it immune to salt water, harsh weather, and moisture.
  1. Dangers of Corrosion
  2. When living or working near bodies of water, the dangers of corrosion are most likely present in your establishment, so it's better to have the BXTA-H installed with its anti-corrosive capability. Decay is one of the deadliest hazards as it affects both humans and building establishments, which can reduce the overall value of the building and diseases upon exposure to humans.
  1. Controlled Temperature
  2. Working or living near bodies of water comes with mixed warm-to-cold and cold-to-warm temperatures that confuse you and might even get you sick. Installing this exterior access door will provide the perfect temperature for your comfort. This unique door is impact, air, and wind pressure tested and perfectly insulated for temperature control.
  1. High Caliber Aesthetics
  2. When installing access doors, aesthetics come with it, but the features of this exterior access door are unique. Get that feeling of durability and longevity with its durable aluminum material that shines in the sunlight and even glimmers with the body of water near it.
  3. The Paint Grip Door and Mill Flange finish will work wonders when applied to your property. Both sides give the feeling that the beautiful capabilities of this exterior access door protect you.

Final Thoughts

Performing repairs and maintenance to properties near bodies of water are sometimes a hassle, so it's a good thing that devices like the BXTA-H coastal access doors exist. Its super engineering and beautiful aesthetics will only give you and your client positive results.