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eCommerce: Shopping online for home improvement and home renovation, materials, tools and fixtures.

If you live in a major metropolitan area you have access to hundred's of stores providing all of the items you could possibly need for your home improvement, remodeling or renovation projects.

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But, have you noticed that all the stores carry the same basic product lines? Retail stores have to get return on shelf and floor space, because of that they are base their business on how many times the inventory will turnover in any 12 month period. The more times the inventory turns the more profit that is made.

Retailers inventory what the majority of the population in their geographic area want to buy, or what they think they want to buy.

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Many individuals are skeptical when it comes to using the Internet for shopping, online and they should be careful. There are a few items that should be checked before purchasing from an online retailer. Online retailers who are credible will always offer the following on their websites.

  1. Does the retailer provide a telephone number?
  2. Does the retailer provide a full mailing address?
  3. Does the retailer publish their return policy?

And although you may hear some horror stories about buying online, there are no fewer horror stories from individuals who personally shopped at any of the major retailers or smaller specialty retailers.

The eCommerce retailers can provide merchandise that covers the entire buying requirements of the country they operate in. They are not restrained by serving customers who are within a 5 mile radius of their store. Five miles is the average maximum distance that a shopper will go to purchase a product from a retailer.