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8 Signs You Need Eavestrough Repair Services

As a property owner, you might not know much about your eavestrough, except that it’s made to keep the water off your roof. However, like other parts of your house, it also requires proper care and maintenance to ensure longevity and prevent severe water damage to your property. This is especially true if you’re living in a region that experiences frequent heavy rainfall.

man on ladder cleaning eavestrough

Unfortunately, no matter how you take care of your eavestrough, it may require necessary repairs sooner or later due to wear and tear. Once it happens, you should be able to address the issues immediately.

To give you a head start, this article outlines some of the signs you should look out for in order to determine whether your eavestrough needs repair services:

  1. Leaks
  2. When the water starts going inside your house, it’s a sign that there’s a problem with your eavestrough. It may also be an indication of damage that needs to be repaired immediately.
  3. In order to effectively deal with this, call a professional to address a leaking gutter or eavestrough. This way, you can avoid leaks from further damaging your home and roof as a whole.
  1. Sagging
  2. If your eavestrough is uneven or sagging, water will not drain toward the corner downspouts but will instead collect in the middle. The eavestrough will begin to pull away from the house as the weight of the water increases.
  3. You should check the eavestrough as you move around the house to see whether it has any uneven sections, which could be an indication that it is drooping. If you notice any damage or irregularity, schedule an appointment with the best service professionals right away to have your eavestrough repaired.
  1. Holes And Cracks
  2. Typically, cracks or holes in your eavestrough are caused by deterioration or wear and tear. In addition, if your seam isn’t sealed properly during the installation or if the seal no longer works, it may result in holes in your eavestrough.
  3. Once your eavestrough has holes and cracks, it can be a sign that it must be fixed immediately. When such fractures go unnoticed, they can cause water leaks that damage the shingles above your eavestrough and the home foundation below.
  1. Mildew
  2. Another sign you need eavestrough repair services is mildew growth. You may not find it on your eavestrough, but mildew buildup is often visible in your attic.
  3. If your attic begins to develop mildew, moisture will likely seep into that area near the malfunctioning eavestrough. This problem should be addressed right away to avoid major damage to your property’s structure.
  1. Plant Growth
  2. Debris, animal droppings, seeds, and pooling water in your eavestrough may lead to plant growth. Even though the plants may seem harmless, you should remove them to avoid damaging your eavestrough. This is because as the plants grow and get heavier, the weight will lead to the brackets breaking, the joints separating, and the system getting clogged.
  3. Furthermore, standing water and unnecessary plant growth encourage pests to infest your drainage system. You should also remember that mosquitoes enjoy breeding in standing water. Therefore, getting your eavestrough repaired will not only make it in good working order but could also contribute to keeping away pests that could damage your home.
  1. Fading Paint
  2. Check the paint of your eavestrough. If it looks fresh and bright, it means that your eavestrough is still in good shape.
  3. Typically, eavestrough paint is designed to resist disintegration and moisture. Therefore, a paint job that looks worn out indicates that your eavestrough is outdated.
  4. Avoid re-painting your eavestrough if you see that the paint is flaking or fading because doing so will only mask the problem. Instead, repair or replace it as soon as possible.

eavestrough filled with debris

  1. Damp Ceiling
  2. If you notice that your ceiling is damp after a storm, it can be a problem with your roof. However, in some cases, it can be an eavestrough problem. Most eavestroughs are made to steer water away from your roof, keeping your ceiling safe and dry. Therefore, if your gutters don’t work properly, the water could seep into your ceiling.
  3. In addition, these are the signs you may have a damp ceiling:
    • Powdery deposits
    • Bubbling paint
    • Damp stains
    • Rot or mold
  4. To fix this problem, hire an eavestrough repair professional. Experts can help you identify the precise cause of your damp ceiling and make necessary repairs quickly.
  1. Overflowing
  2. If you notice an overflow of water in your roof, you must inspect the eavestrough to ensure no debris is building up. If the problem persists, even though the eavestrough has been cleaned, there may be another issue at play. The maintenance of your eavestrough should therefore be handled by professionals to avoid overflowing.


Once you notice any of the signs above, make sure to hire professionals for eavestrough repair. While you can consider a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach, eavestrough repair experts are more knowledgeable and skilled. Plus, they offer quality repair services at a reasonable rate, allowing you to enjoy savings over time.