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Demolishing Your House? Things You Need To Know Beforehand


Whether it is an old property you have bought and wish to demolish or you are leaving your existing property and deciding to sell the land, you require more information. First of all, there are two kinds of demolition.

- A complete demolition.

- A partial demolition.

The first is when you totally deconstruct the house and start building a new one from the ground (sometimes even including the house's foundation). The latter one is when you partially demolish a part of the house because it is too old and worn out to renovate.

No matter your choice of demolition, there are a few steps that will come post the simple idea of demolishment. These will be permits and contractors, and we will explain it further in the excerpt below.

What Is House Demolition

House demolition is the tedious process of completely deconstructing the structure of a house with the idea of building a new one. The time for each demolition will definitely depend on the amount you are deconstructing.

If the residential deconstruction is till the foundation, then it will take more time, not to mention more money, to demolish the entire property. Now, before you think about demolishing it, let us first understand whether you should be demolishing a property.

Should You Demolish Your Residential Property

Now, it is a decision totally upon you if you have the entire land, whether you demolish the property on top of it. Here are some of the decisions why owners decide to demolish a residential house.

The property is old, and economically it would be better to build a brand-new house rather than try to renovate this one.

On the other hand, you might be the seller in this case. You are willing to sell the land at the current price rather than renting out the house or paying for its maintenance regularly. If they have no intention to come back to the built property, you can always demolish it with the idea of renting the land.

Once you have decided upon the demolishment, here is what more you will need to go forth with the plan.

Starting with taking permission from the civic authorities of the residential area. Whether it is the distress of the deconstruction or the utility cut, your house demolishment will affect others. It is better to first get a permit and get the NOC (No Objection Certificate) before calling forth the contractors.

Next, if your house is situated closer to a busy road, you have to talk to the traffic authorities to ensure the right barricades for the safety of vehicles and pedestrians.

If you are completely demolishing a house with a proper basement, then uprooting the foundation may affect the neighbors. It is better to take legal permission from your neighbors as well.

Things The Demolition Depends On

The things that your demolition time and budgeting depend on are as follows:

You cannot make a demolition without taking care of the joint water and electrical supply. If the demolition hampers these connections, the entire colony could face the consequences.

It is better to first take consultancy from a demolition contractor. They will come to check the house and verify the necessary actions. Some demolition contractors also help with permits from civic authorities.

Ensure that the demolition company you have chosen has the right and latest permission to go through the carry forward of the residential demolition. Plus, they have the right modern equipment for hassle-free demolition.

Tips Before You Begin With The Demolition

Here are some of the tips from people who have gone through a residential demolition.

Do not begin work before confirming every permit. If the civic authority finds any mishap, the project could be discontinued, and you will be looking at a long legal case.

Take remodeling advice before the demolition begins. Do not make hasty decisions. The demolition and renovation will cost you, and you should ensure it is worth it.