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How To Decorate Your Bedroom On A Budget

Christmas is just around the corner and if you're busy trying to save some money, you're probably not to keen on the idea of redecorating your bedroom.

But with the winter months almost here, you'll be so pleased if you manage to put some time and money aside to make the space warm and cosy for those cold, dark nights. To make sure you manage to decorate sticking to a budget, you should plan everything out in minute detail. You know when you go to the supermarket without a shopping list and buy everything in sight? The same could happen when you head to a DIY shop, unless, of course, you have a plan. On your plan, you need to write down what you plan to spend on everything you need and list all of the things you want or need to replace in your bedroom.

Once this is done, the fun starts – you'll be able to start buying! A quick and easy way to transform your room is by using paint. And, since feature walls are very much on trend, this could be the answer all of your monetary problems. If you only paint one wall, no matter how big it is, it'll cost far less than doing the whole room and it will still be very stylish.

by caribb

When you've found the right bed, you can make it into the focal point of your room with some simple ideas. To make it really stand out, you could create some kind of canopy over it using fabrics fashioned to the ceiling. Or, if you're feeling particularly creative, you could try to do some wall art. Just get some cheap frames and use fabric or scraps of wallpaper to make some pieces to hang behind your bed.

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As long as you think outside the box every now and again, you're bound to be able to decorate your bedroom really beautifully, even if you're on a budget.