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Cordless Garden Tools

There are numerous varieties of cordless garden tools, as shown in Figure 1, used for garden chores. These range from hedge trimmers to lawn mowers. These use batteries to run the engine thus saving fuel costs. With advance of technology, some of these tools use solar energy to run the engine. This saves the owner many expenses thus minimizing costs. Solar powered tools are also environmental friendly because of minimal environmental pollution.

Cordless garden tools
Figure 1 - Cordless garden tools

Unlike tools with chords, cordless tools pose less falling risks thus are safer to use. While using tools with cords, there is a high tendency of slicing the cord while working with it. Another advantage of using cordless tools is freedom of moving around with no cord limitation. Use of tools with cords is cumbersome due to cord restrictions. An example includes a cordless hedge trimmer. This tool is used to trim hedges to produce neat shapes. It has a battery as an electricity source.

Modern hedge trimmer use solar energy thus is easy to carry due to its lightweight. One need not use fuel and oil therefore; it is hygienic to use. It also produces less toxic gases in to the air. This reduces aspect of global worming as well as depletion of the ozone layer. Another cordless garden tool includes the lawn mower. Different types of mowers exist to cater for variety of applications. There are mowers ideal for small lawns while others are ideal for large sized fields.

Contemporary types of mower include the cordless electric mower. This model lacks a cord thus is safe to use to minimized falls. It uses a battery thus is heavy to push up hill. This explains why it is ideal for flat lawns and fields approximating 1/3 acre. One advantage of a cordless mower is the ability to charge the battery each sixteen hour interval of use. Cordless mowers have automatic tune-mechanism thus; one need not worry hiring a technician to tune up the machine. This saves one's money.

Additional information on cordless lawn mowers.

For positive results, one should mow lawns with short grass to avoid straining the battery. This saves one from charging expenses. To avoid tall grass limitation, one should mow frequently. In the modern days of environmental maintenance, cordless mowers fit well as environmental conservers to their minimal toxic gas release.

Compared to mowers that use fuel, they release minute amount of carbon dioxide as well as carbon monoxide to the environment. These gases contribute in global warming because they cover the earth's atmosphere causing increased temperatures that result to global warming. These gases are also responsible for depletion of Ozone layer, which protects the earth from harmful sunrays.

Cordless mowers are ideal to use in a neighborhood due to the less extent of noise produced. This protects people from noise pollution, which is a common characteristic of gasoline mowers. On comparison with other mowers, cordless mowers are ideal due to low maintenance costs.

On average, a cordless mower uses $3 to $4 per year on electricity bills on battery charging while a usual mower uses approximately $29 to $30 annually on gasoline. Due to benefits associated with cordless garden tools, people should use them to save money as well as the environment.