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How To Clean Up The Mess And Save Your Time

We live busy lives, and sometimes it feels like there's not enough time in a 24h days for everything. So, you wake up, have your morning routine and it’s already time for work. By the time you’re finished and on your way home, you feel you haven’t got an atom of energy left in your body, so you just throw yourself on the bed and go to sleep. The collateral of this lifestyle comes to greet you in the morning when you see the state of your room/home. You’ve left a mess, and it’s simply accumulating because you’re always rescheduling the cleaning. Well, this text will try to provide a few pointers on how to maintain a tidy home even in these hectic circumstances when you seem to have no time for anything.

water on floor with mop and pail

Clean Up the Trash

Might sound silly, and painfully obvious, but the first thing you should do is pick up all the stuff that is obviously trash, pile them up and have them ready in those thrash bags to go. This is the first step in the decluttering process, and however funny it seems that we have to mention it, it provides a great psychological momentum. When you’re finished with this part, you’ll be much more eager to keep on cleaning, for certain, because it will give you somewhat of an image of what your home would look like if it were better maintained.

Dishes and Laundry

The next step in your cleaning process should be just as obviously simple. Comb through every part of your house to find any dishes you might have left and forgotten and wash them all. When all your dishes are perfectly clean and rounded up, you’ll be ready to proceed.

What you should do next is pile up all the clothes you have lying around – dirty or half-used, and make it your task to wash them all. Put everything in the machine, you might need a couple of cycles but it will be worth it in the end, all your clothes will be perfectly clean.

dishwasher tray filled with wine glasses

Finishing Touches

For this part, you should have a couple of boxes or baskets and gather all the stuff you’ve left out in the open that is out of place. Then patiently put them back into their places (and if they feel unneeded throw them out). You should do everything room by room, don’t try to clean up the whole place in one pass, it will wear you out.

You should then use the opportunity with a less cluttered home to quickly dust every room using a feather duster, after which you can turn on that vacuum and get rid of any dust/dirt left on the floors/rugs.

After you’re done with all this, your focus should be on making the bathroom and kitchen shine. Spare no time scrubbing up those floors, ceramics, toiletries. It will make your home feel cleaner, newer, and more hygienic.

All in all, you should go step by step when cleaning up. Try not to haste it, strive more to have an organized process. Your place will be sparkling clean in no time.