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Here’s Why You Should Keep Your Gutters Clean

Gutters may not be the first thing that your house guests see upon visiting, but they are just as important and functional to the well-being of your house’s structure. And because of that, it is extremely crucial to maintain and take proper care of them, just as much as you look after every other part of your home.

It’s very common for homeowners to overlook or forget to check on the state of their gutters, so if you plead guilty to doing just that, it’s quite alright. We can’t blame you. Gutters aren’t exactly something that comes to mind often, especially if you live in a pretty tall house where the gutters are hard to reach or even see.

However, now is the time to make changes happen. Don’t let the gunk and mold sit in your gutters a second longer – get it fixed or cleaned as soon as you can. If you happen to live in an area with a lot of towering trees, there’s a big chance that your gutters have collected more debris, fallen leaves, or twigs, which means: extra work.

The debris may look normal to you initially, but don’t let that fool you. After it’s been left to sit for a long period of time, it could potentially cause a lot of damage to your gutters and eventually, the whole house.

To paint a clearer picture, we’ve listed down six major reasons why you should have your gutters cleaned regularly.

  1. Clogged up gutters deal a lot of roof damage
  2. Ideally, clean gutters allow rainwater to flow continuously from the roof to the downspout. But when there are all sorts of gunk and debris blocking it, then rainwater will too easily pool inside the gutter, which will eventually lead to overflow.
  3. Gutters are directly connected to your house’s roofing system, so this pool of rainwater is most likely to reach the base of your roof. This will cause rusting (particularly if you have galvanized roofs) and cracking (in the case that you’ve got roof shingles).
  4. On paper, these seem quite minor, but when left alone, they will result in more severe problems. We’re talking leaky roofs and rotting ceilings.
  1. It saves your basement from flooding
  2. Rainwater is one of the items on the top of the list of worst house enemies. After gathering in your gutters and damaging your roof, it may lead to everything in your basement getting destroyed as well.
  3. This is because the overflow of rainwater seeps into the ground, causing leaks in the basement. If you already have faulty structures in the basement, it may cause flooding.
  4. Furthermore, rainwater also destroys paint and causes molds to form.
  1. It keeps your house’s foundation intact
  2. A house with an already compromised structural foundation is not safe to live in. Let alone when water gets into it because of clogged-up gutters. This will incur serious costs in repair, or even in renting or buying a new place to ensure your safety.
  3. Plus, if you have plans of someday selling your property, it’s going to be insanely hard to find a buyer due to its weak foundations. It’s never even going to pass a safety inspection.
  1. It keeps pests away
  2. An unmaintained gutter is unsightly for humans, but for pests, it’s practically heaven. Rats and mosquitoes specifically are very fond of these spots, since dirty gutters make excellent breeding grounds for them.
  3. Before you know it, rats and mosquitoes have multiplied tenfold and invaded your entire home, which obviously wreaks havoc everywhere. It will not only compromise the structural integrity and overall appearance of your property, but it also makes it completely unsanitary for your family to live in. Rats and mosquitoes are notorious carriers of spreadable diseases.
  4. So act now before anything happens. Keeping your gutters clean is more than just making your house look good; it could potentially save your house and your life. Get in touch with an expert cleaning company as soon as you get the chance to have your gutters inspected, checked, and restored if necessary.
  5. It’s also important to remember that one time will not suffice. You must maintain your gutters consistently, which means getting them checked on a regular basis, to avoid serious problems in the future.