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Why Should You Get Your Home Checked Before Remodeling?

Remodeling comes with several benefits. First, it gives your old home a fresh new look, allowing you to increase its value as well as improve your quality of life. But before getting down to the remodeling process, you should always have a specific plan in place, which includes conducting a home inspection.

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Many homeowners suffer from costly mishaps because they fail to overlook some important details in their homes. Note that some significant repair issues or dangerous substances in old building materials may be lurking beneath its surfaces. Thus, make sure to assess all the areas inside and outside of your home.

If you're planning to start any remodeling project, here are more reasons why you should get your home checked before doing so.

Acquire Legal Approval

Home remodeling projects often require a permit, whether it's a major or minor one. If you're doing the project yourself, you'll apply for the permit. But if you're hiring a contractor, they will arrange it for you. The purpose of the building permit is to make sure the project adheres to codes as required by the local building department.

You can ask your local inspector whether you need a permit or not. If you do, they may come at different stages of your remodeling project and advise you on what measures you have to take, especially if you're making significant changes.

While requirements can vary by city or municipality, below are some cases where homeowners have to secure a remodeling permit.

  • Installing new plumbing or removing an existing one
  • Building decks or fences that extend a certain height
  • Creating new windows or doors
  • Changing the house's roofline
  • Expanding or altering the house's envelope
  • Room conversions, such as turning your garage into an office
  • Adding a new furnace or air conditioner

Identify Potential Issues

Whether you're remodeling your bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom, other parts of your home can be affected. For instance, extension cords running from room to room are typical in older homes, and they could be damaged during the remodeling process. But you can anticipate and fix such potential issues by getting a professional home inspection.

Remember that such inspections can also identify hidden foundation problems that can put the integrity of your home at risk. Doing this will keep you from losing unnecessary time and money during the remodeling project.

Ensure Better and Safer Home Designs

You can do the remodeling project by yourself. But doing so may result in permanent damage and put you and your family in danger as there might be designs that can compromise the architectural integrity of your home. Note that there are proper plans and requirements to prepare your home for any remodeling project.

That's why it's always best to work with a team of professionals, such as architects or engineers. They always know what to inspect in your home and the latest building codes and corresponding legal processes for the projects. With a thorough property inspection, you can be sure that the whole remodeling designs are better and safer.

Prevent Contamination and Health Risks

Hazardous materials like asbestos and lead-based paint can come from various areas within your home, and remodeling can stir a lot of them up. Such materials can lead to potential health problems, especially if you don't know how to deal with them. In addition, mold, mildew, and other growth can also cause allergic reactions and other health risks.

That's why conducting a home inspection is essential, regardless of what part of the house your remodeling project takes place. There are proper work practices to prepare your home, and professionals always know how to conduct them. Additionally, they can point out better what areas in your home will need extra attention.

Reduce Financial Cost

Possible problems can arise later if you opt to remodel your home without proper inspection. For example, unfixed electrical issues, cracked walls, and water damage can cost you more in the end. But having your home checked allows you to identify and repair them beforehand. This way, you can ensure that the money you spent on the remodeling project is put in the right place.

A home inspection can also avoid further delays. You can be confident that the remodeling project is done safely and legally. It's also one way to protect your investment since a professional home inspector knows what remodeling choices can truly add value to your property.

Call Professionals To Inspect Your Home

Remodeling your home is an exciting idea. But before putting your time and money on any remodeling project, always ensure to have your home inspected by a professional. This way, you'd be able to get the best work done without worrying about the legal side and overall safety of your home's structure. Overall, it will save you from unnecessary troubles, delays, and expenses.