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The Benefits of Chandelier Lifts

You have purchased a beautiful chandelier and it was not inexpensive. It will hang more than 20 feet in the air and be the main focal point as your guests enter your home.


lowered chandelier
Figure 1 - Chandelier lowered with lift

The question is; how do you keep this beautifully ornate chandelier clean and replace the light bulbs when they burn out?

For many decades the answers were all complex and not overly safe:

  • You could climb a very tall step ladder and attempt to maneuver around the light fixture dusting it and changing appropriate light bulbs. Of course that begs the question of where do you store this very tall step ladder and how do you get it into position?
  • You could buy or rent a powered lift that would raise you to the proper height for cleaning and light bulb replacement. Of course, your front door better be wide enough to allow the lift to enter and as well there better not be any steps between the front door and where you have to position the lift.
  • You could contract with a chandelier cleaning service that would either use a very tall step ladder or bring in a powered lift. This might be safer for you, but expensive and cumbersome if your chandelier requires monthly cleaning and/or bulb replacement.

Technology has come to the rescue!

You can now purchase chandelier lifts that have been designed for homes, installed in the attic space above the chandelier. Using a specially designed, child proof (key operated switch) wall control panel, as shown in Figure 2; that allows you to lower the chandelier to a position which allows you to clean and change light bulbs while you stand with both your feet firmly planted on the ground, as shown in Figure 3.

The chandelier lifts come in a variety of sizes and can be configured to handle almost any size chandeliers, even those with multiple light circuits.

The following video will provide you with a clear understanding of how a chandelier lift operates and how safe it has become to change light bulbs and clean a chandelier that would normally be out of reach.

Selection of chandelier lifts.