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10 Bedroom Remodeling Tips for a Successful Makeover

It can be jarring to look at certain outdated and unkempt areas in your bedroom after a while. Some areas might not serve the same purpose they did years ago. Or stuff might have accumulated, which led to clutter. Sometimes, homeowners miss home design trends that make their bedrooms outdated. This is why bedroom remodeling is necessary every few years to ensure your bedroom looks shiny and new. Here are 10 bedroom remodeling tips for success.

  1. Set clear goals
  2. Like any other plan, setting goals is essential to go on a straightforward path. Determine what outcome you want from the bedroom remodel. Consider the reasons for remodeling. Do you want to achieve a more serene environment? Do you want to augment your bedroom storage by adding a dresser or cleaning your existing one? Or how about improving your home’s functionality? Or are you renovating to increase your home’s curb appeal and sell it reasonably? Whatever your goal is, it’s crucial to focus on it so you spend time on what matters most.
  1. Set a budget
  2. According to HGTV, bedroom remodeling per square meter costs $110. However, the cost can fluctuate depending on the damage from water and molds. Running out of budget is the worst scenario during a bedroom makeover. That said, setting a budget and having a continuous flow of bedroom-building projects is imperative. Ensure you allocate funds for every aspect of the building process, such as furniture, paint, accessories, flooring, etc.
  1. Assess and choose a design style
  2. One of the goals of bedroom remodeling could be updating your design style. Identifying what design style you want is vital to guide you in choosing color palettes, furniture, decor, and accessories. You can decorate a minimalist, bohemian, rustic, modern, contemporary, or farmhouse style. If you don’t know what style you want, look around and assess what furniture, accessories, and colors are already in your bedroom. If they make you smile, then that’s your style! See if you can update existing furniture by fixing the hardware or painting them anew.
  1. Consider built-in storage
  2. As years go by, you accumulate things in your bedroom. Sometimes you don’t realize it until the space feels and looks cluttered. Adding more storage, like dressers and cabinets, may not work for smaller areas. However, built-in storage like wall-mounted shelves, under-bed drawers, or dresser organizers are your friends. Built-in storage fits any space perfectly and blends seamlessly with the other design elements. Plus, it makes the room seem larger and looks very modern!
  1. Customize lighting
  2. Lighting is everything. Your bedroom space can transform into something exquisite with the proper lighting. Ensure you have accent, ambient, and task lighting fixtures installed. Recessed lights for more modern spaces, wall sconces to set the mood, or pendant lights for a beautiful aesthetic. Dimmers are also lovely to have, as you can customize the brightness depending on your desired mood. Also, light bulbs now come with triple colors, and you only need a switch to jump from one color to another.
  1. Display an accent wall
  2. An accent wall adds excitement to your space. It’s used to draw attention to areas in the bedroom that tend to get overlooked. It also serves as a conversation starter when you choose a distinct and personalized accent wall. Whatever accent wall design you choose, choosing one that adds decorative flair instead of a jarring sight is imperative. A few ideas for an accent wall are:
    • Wood panels
    • Art gallery
    • Black accent wall
    • Patterned wallpaper
    • Botanical design
    • Two-toned design
  1. Add mirrors
  2. Did you know that mirrors in Feng Shui is believed to activate and multiply a space’s energy? For instance, if the mirror reflects the clutter in your bedroom, it produces more negative energy. Otherwise, it gives off positive energy offering your more prosperity and luck. Adding mirrors in your bedroom is one way to transform your small space into a seemingly larger one. Mirrors reflect light and illuminate the room, making it appear bigger. They also brighten the area, giving off a welcoming and energetic vibe.
  1. Create a reading nook
  2. A reading nook could be the corner that lets you escape into another world. Imagine natural sunlight casting a gentle glow on your reading area. It can invite you to lay on the chaise lounge or sofa engulfed in your book for hours. A reading nook can also be a space to drink coffee and clear your mind. Ensure it’s near the window so natural sunlight brightens the area.
  1. Consider a feature headboard
  2. If you have an accent wall in your bedroom, consider a feature headboard to match the beauty! It can be a focal point in your bedroom, especially if you make it big and cushioned. Headboards protect your bedroom wall against abrasion. It also offers insulation for your head at night. However, headboards these days are more for decoration. Try an oversized tufted headboard or a lovely upholstered headboard that contrasts the wall.
  1. Add greenery
  2. Many don’t realize how crucial it is to have quality air in our spaces. And adding indoor plants can filter toxins and improve air quality. On top of that, studies show that plants also boost your mood and increase your productivity. So if you’re working from home, adding greenery in your bedroom workspace can finish those deliverables in time. Finally, hanging or potted plants are excellent accent pieces that liven up your room.

Final Thoughts

Doing some of these bedroom remodeling tips will create a space where you would love to come home every day. If you love the current bedroom layout and design, it helps to do some tweaks and customization for that personal touch. After all, the bedroom is your private space that reflects your personality and lifestyle. Ensure you’re not overdoing the bedroom renovation, and always go back to your goal once you get sidetracked. Accessorizing the bedroom with cute stuff can be tempting, but “Less is more” still works in interior design. Keep it simple, keep it functional, keep it YOU.