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Bathroom Steam Generators

Taking a steam shower is a refreshing and invigorating experience which can be enjoyed in almost any bathroom.

bathroom steam generator temperature control
Figure 1 - Steam generator temperature control

A compact steam generator delivers steam to a shower enclosure with suitable seals, creating a leisure facility in the privacy of your own home.

Whether you use a steam shower to relax after a busy day or to set you up in the morning, the pleasure of bathing in the soft, warm atmosphere will make showering the best part of your day.

bathroom steam generator nozzle
Figure 2 - Steam generator nozzle
bathroom steam generator
Figure 3 - Steam generator

Shower steam generators come with a wide range of options and accessories that enhance the steam shower experience:

  • Thermostatic controls
  • Steam proof shower wall to aid installation
  • Fold-down shower seats
  • Steam Domes to provide practical, steam retaining ceiling.
  • Steam proof light
  • Assorted essences to add aroma to the steam
  • Steam proof speakers

The Luxury Of Steam!

Steam is quick and convenient, complementing your daily shower in the privacy of your own bathroom. Taken at a temperature of approximately 104°F (40°C) with near 100% humidity, steam creates a soft warm experience, encouraging perspiration to provide deep skin cleansing. After relaxing for 10-15 minutes, a cool shower will stimulate the body and revitalize your spirits!

Steam generators are available in a multitude of sizes, but a warning, they consume a great deal of electricity and will definitely make a noticeable difference on your electric bill.

Steam generators cannot be added to any shower and it is vitally important that you read all of the manufacturers specifications and installation instructions prior to buying any specific unit.

Before buying, make sure that your electrical service can adequately handle the power load required by the steam generator.

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