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Bathroom Flooring

When remodeling a bathroom, consideration must be given to the flooring material. There are two items that should be considered:

  • Safety
  • Ability to stand-up to water

The safety issue must be considered because many flooring materials when wet, become extremely slippery. These include;

It should be noted that some ceramic and porcelain tiles are now being manufactured without a high gloss glaze and with a texture. By reducing the gloss of the glaze and adding a texture they are not as slippery, when water is on the surface. However, some individuals believe that the lack of a high glaze makes the tiles look warn and/or dirty.

If considering the use of ceramic tile - not all ceramic tile is made for use on floors. Some ceramic tile is manufactured for walls and while any ceramic tile manufactured for floors can be used on walls, you cannot use wall tile on floors as it will not stand up to the weight of a person and will crack.

Some flooring products should not be used in a full bathroom. These include:

The major problem with these materials is that they do not stand up to water and damp environments. Area rugs with a rubber or poly backing that have been made for a bathroom environment are acceptable.

The most important item when installing a new floor is to consider the sub-floor. The finished project will only be as good as the sub-floor. If the floor squeaks adding a new floor on top, will not remove the squeaks. If the sub-floor is not level, the finished floor will not be level. Proper sub-floor preparation will provide a quality finished project, that will last a lifetime.

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