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A Guide in the Removal and Replacement of Asbestos Roof

Your house will not be a good shelter without good quality roof. A roof provides you protection from natural calamities such as the heat, wind, rain and snow.

But not all roofs can just give protection, never did we know, your roof may cause danger too. The harmful substance Asbestos can be found on house roofings. Back in the early 90s, asbestos was highly famous for roof insulations and this kind of roof may still be found on your own house. Today, as asbestos was found harmful to humans, it is important to therefore remove the roof and be replaced right away.

asbestos roof on a house

Asbestos roof removal and replacement should be done only by professionals.  Even if it is your own roof, it is not advisable to try it yourself. There is a high-risk in handling asbestos as it is highly dangerous. The fact that it is your own roof that needs to be removed and replaced, that doubles the risk.

Now let’s say you hired experts to remove your asbestos roof, then these are the procedures that you will be expecting.


STEP 1 - Arrival of Experts in Removing the Roof

As experts arrive to remove the asbestos roofing in your house, you can expect to see them all covered in their protective suits. This protective suit they wear may consist of a special suit, helmet, mask, eye protection, etc. A special equipment used in removing the asbestos roof is also with them. Since the area they are about to remove is a roof, they will also have a ladder to safely deal with it.

STEP 2 - Confinement of your House Area

Expect your house to be confined by the experts as asbestos is highly dangerous. Being distant from the area is recommended since being near and exposed to the area without proper knowledge of the work could be a health risk. With this said, your house area may be enclosed with barricades and warning signs to help not to spread asbestos infection.

STEP 3 - Asbestos Roof Removal

Once the experts are done in confining the area, they are now to remove the asbestos roof sheet. The experts will be doing their best to remove the roof even if it requires removing your entire roof. Removing an entire roof may take longer than usual. This process will be very slow to assure that there is no asbestos sheet broken. Once breakage is made on the roof sheets, it may cause asbestos to disperse in the air. This will be slowly done but doing it will be the only resort for the experts not to produce contaminations in the area.

STEP 4 - Sealing of the Removed Roof

As the asbestos roof from your house is removed, the experts will then dispose of it properly and securely as it still can cause danger. The experts will wrap these roof sheets in layers of plastic and then vacuum sealing them in special asbestos disposal bags. After wrapping the asbestos roof, it will then be disposed of in special areas of asbestos disposal.

STEP 5- Replacement of Roof

For the last step, when the experts are all content with their job, your roof is finally ready for a new replacement after removing and the disposal of your asbestos sheet roof.

The whole process of removing and replacing the asbestos roof is really rough and risky. So once you need to have an asbestos roof removal and replacement, be sure to immediately hire the best professionals for the job.