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Give Your Living Room a Revamp

If you're starting a renovation project some time soon, there's no better place to start out than in your living room.

You're bound to already spend plenty of time chilling out in your lounge, watching TV or just reading a book while you're sitting on the sofa bed. And when the winter months arrive, which is quite soon now, you'll probably spend even longer there, snuggled up on the settee.

So the living room is a great place to start if you want to give your home a revamp before the cold weather really kicks in. According to those on the interior design scene, teal is one of the hottest colours you can put in your living room this year. It goes really well with chocolate brown, so you should be trying to find furniture in that shade, and it really exudes a luxurious feel.

What you want is to put teal and cream hues on your walls, then add some complementary tones throughout the whole of your living room. Why not look for a sofa bed sale to find a great addition to your lounge furniture? Or, if you're a creative type, you might want to find some great fabric and reupholster some of the chairs and cushions you already have in your home or sew some matching curtains. If you have wooden floors, you might want to look for a nice fluffy rug which will keep your feet warm on cold winter nights. Flokati rugs or sheep skins can add a nice inviting touch to your lounge and are comfy to sit on when you have a bunch of friends around for a movie night.

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by daryl mitchell

If you're going for block colours on the walls, you could add something a bit extra to your living room by looking for patterns to go on your furniture. Another option is to go for block colour on all but one wall and put some stylish wallpaper on the other, so that it becomes a focal point in the room.

However you choose to decorate it, you'd be wise to go for teal this winter, as it's not likely to go out of fashion any time soon.