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Accessible Homes


girl in a wheelchair in a field of flowers

Figure 1 - Accessibility allows individuals to enjoy all of the pleasures of life

As populations continue to get older we all face accessibility issues in our homes. How do we maintain any semblance of self reliance and life style when are homes are designed for those of us who are in good physical condition?

Of course age is not the only consideration in the need for accessibility in housing. Individuals face the possibility of handicaps from accidents and diseases throughout their lives.

Considering current as well as potential accessibility needs within your home and property now, may allow you to maintain a level of self reliance and dignity in the future.

The following articles provide some insight into different areas of current and future accessibility in your home.

How to Make Your Home Disability Friendly

Universal Home Design

Accessible Bathrooms

Accessible Doors

Future Accessibility - Doorways

Accessible Foyers

Accessible Gardens

Accessible House Building Plans

Accessible Kitchens

Thresholds & Ramps

Wheel Chair Ramp Construction