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Ways A Circular Saw Can Be Useful When Remodeling Your Home

One type of power saw is a circular saw. It uses a toothed blade or abrasive disc to cut a wide array of materials, like plastic, wood, metal, or masonry in a rotating motion. In the late 18th century, the circular saw was invented and were used in sawmills in the mid-19th century in the United States.

In this post, you'll learn some helpful ways a circular saw can be used in remodeling or renovating your home.

A Circular Saw Is Used to Remove Flooring

Home remodeling that involves damaged floorboard removal should use a circular saw. It is important to get the best circular saw to make precise cuts.

You can make two passes on the damaged board's length to get a bar and pry the pieces free. Lay the board and remove the bottom of the groove on the replacement piece. The circular saw should be set at the right depth. Make sure to pay close attention to the blade so you can make precise cuts needed for damaged floorboard removal.

A Circular Saw Trims Door Bottoms and Stiles

Home remodeling also includes trimming door bottoms. If you want to transfer one door to another, you might need to cut the bottom part of the door fit another, as a living room door moved to the kitchen as a part of your kitchen renovation project.

A circular saw is an excellent door cutter. Use a sharp circular saw with at least 18 teeth. You can trim door bottoms without splintering using a shoot-board, a fresh blade, clamps, utility knife, and a circular saw. You can set a circular saw to make precise cuts in squaring new opening.

Here's how to cut the bottom of doors without splintering the wood:

  • Mark the required clearance on the door.
  • Pull out hinge pins, and on padded sawhorses, lay the door.
  • Marking the cutting line and applying a 6-inch wide strip along the line protects the finish of the door from the base plate of the circular saw.
  • The next step is scoring the cutting lines 1/16 inches deep using a utility knife.
  • Clamp a metal straightedge on the cutting line, guiding the knife to score the door.
  • When cutting, holding the circular saw should be against the door's edge. Provide a ¾-inch thick guide as the clearance under the motor of the circular saw.
  • Cut slowly so the scored line will not splinter.
  • Soften the door bottom by sanding all edges and hang the door.

A Circular Saw Makes Different Cuts for Home Remodeling

For framing and other major renovation jobs, a circular saw can be used to cut roofing, sheet goods, metal, lumber, and masonry. During demolition, a circular saw is considered a powerful saw that’s a major time-saver. When you get used to using a circular saw, you can use it to cut curves, such as your backyard deck.

Here are the different types of cuts using a circular saw:

  • Crosscuts: Create perfect crosscuts using a square so the foot of the saw will be guided, holding the square firmly so the saw won't slip.
  • Rip Cuts: A rip fence can help accurately create rip cuts. A circular saw slides into the saw's foot and held by screws tightly.
  • Plunge Cuts: If the edge of the board cannot be started by the blade, plunge cuts are required. You can make this cut by placing your shoe front against the workpiece. The next step is turning on the saw and slowly lowering the blade of the circular saw into the material.

A Circular Saw Handles Any Wood Project Well

A great circular saw has enough power to cut through everything. Whether you need to slice wet lumber or dense hardwood, you can handle these woodworks without bogging down. It's important to evaluate power when investing in a circular saw because motor ratings tend to be misleading, displaying only the motor electricity and not the power sent to the blades.

For convenience, cordless circular saws are helpful. However, you have to keep in mind that cordless models generate less torque and have limited run times compared to their corded counterparts. Only purchase a circular saw from trusted and reputable brands to ensure the excellent work quality you need for DIY home remodeling.


For home remodeling, a circular saw plays a vital role to ensure you get woodwork jobs done fast and easy. Using a circular saw will ensure that you save time and effort slicing or cutting wood because of the flexibility it brings. You can use this tool to remove the flooring and trim door bottoms. Also, you'll save money hiring a professional and by investing in a high-quality circular saw that you could use for many years.