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Garex: The Importance of Garage Doors For Your Home's Overall Aesthetic Appeal

Garage doors are typical entry points in different types of residential homes. A garage door protects your belongings, most especially your car, and your entire home from outside elements. Aside from the protection you'll benefit from a garage door, you'll also have a more beautiful home because of its added aesthetic appeal.

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Below are the importance of garage doors for the overall aesthetic appeal of your home:

Different Types of Garage Doors Suit A Homeowner's Unique Taste

The most common garage door types include roll-up, sectional, slide to the side, tilt-up canopy, tilt-up retractable, and side hinged garage doors. Homeowners can choose the door material, color, and finish, as well as special options like insulation, hardware, and windows, which will be discussed below.

Here are the different types of garage doors:

  • Sectional Garage Doors: It's the type of garage door that’s popular in the US. This garage door has panel sections connected with hinges. When the garage door is opened or closed, the wheels at the edge of the individual panel roll inside at the track's curved portion on the side of the garage door opening. When open, the garage door is parallel to the ceiling, and when it is closed, the garage door is in line with the walls. Sectional garage doors are usually made of steel and are generally low maintenance. Also, customization is possible with various textures, hardware, window inserts, and colors.
  • Roll-Up Garage Doors: These garage doors are common in commercial applications that can withstand heavy usage. Some homeowners install this type of garage door, most especially those with limited space. High-performance units are enclosed or built without springs, thus preventing corrosion, freezing, and rust formation.
  • Slide-to-the-Side Type Garage Doors: As the name implies, you can bend this garage door to one side, and it sits parallel to the wall. This type of garage door was originally used for residential garages with limited headroom, running along with flexible lower trolleys that work with slight floor or ceiling slopes. Also, this type of garage door doesn't require balancing springs and has a retractable motor that is built-in for automated operation even without a ceiling-mounted operator.
  • Side-Hinged Type Garage Doors: This type of garage door can swing open and close on either side of the garage door opening from a hinged frame. It is made of wood that resembles large barn garage doors. If you have limited headroom or your garage has obstructions, this classic type of garage door is a good choice. You can purchase side-hinged type garage doors that fit into your existing opening or in pre-hung steel frames.
  • Tilt-Up Canopy Type: These garage doors are made of a single solid piece with a pivoting hinge mechanism that can be tilted up into the garage. It is parallel to your garage ceiling and goes to the front part of your house whenever the garage door is open.
  • Tilt-Up Retractable Type: This type of garage door is somehow similar to the tilt-up canopy design, wherein the tilt-up retractable garage door is lifted because it's suspended from the frame without protruding or extending to the front of your house. This garage door type is more expensive than the canopy design and requires more space for configuration.

Garage Doors Boost Your Home's Curb Appeal

Upgrading your garage door creates visual appeal. It's best to choose the highest quality garage door that you can afford to define your style. Let your new garage door attract future home buyers. Whether you're looking for a modern or traditional garage door style, you can choose from a wide array of styles that will best set the right tone to make your home more functional and beautiful.

Welcome your guests with a stunning garage door, made of either wood, steel, aluminum, or fiberglass. Make a statement by choosing the best style that fits your home, from the classic wood-grain look to glass panels to achieve a modern look for your home.

Here are some examples of garage door styles you can choose from:

  • Window Panes
  • Vertical Lines
  • Horizontal Relief Patterns
  • Barn Garage Door Style Cross Beams

Your Garage Door as a Focal Point

Make your home more appealing by choosing the perfect color. If you want people's eyes to be drawn to the entrance, use a color that stands out. For many travelers, the color of a garage door also serves as a focal point. When it comes to design, the color of your front door doesn't always need to match the color of your garage door.

Here are some tips and tricks when it comes to garage door design to make it a beautiful focal point for anyone who sees it:

  • If your house has a wood, brick, or any type of siding, choosing the right paint for your garage door will make it look less eye-catching if you want to highlight your front door.
  • Many fiberglass and steel garage doors come in different colors you can choose from depending on your preference.
  • If you want natural wood, there are wooden garage doors that can be painted or stained. Make sure that any color added must complement the style of your garage door, as well as your roof material and surrounding walls.
  • Looking at the bigger picture can help you choose the right color. For example, if your garage door is surrounded by beige or grey stone, you can match the color by adding a subtle contrast with the same color's lightest tone.
  • For a contemporary and sophisticated look for your garage door, choose a black, brown or grey color.
  • Be considerate to others by avoiding distracting colors on a large surface like primary colors.

Welcome Your Visitors With Your Decorative Garage Door

Accessorizing your garage door is a great way to welcome your visitors. You can use different accessories, such as plants, stonework, pillars, and trims. In that way, you create an inviting atmosphere for your visitors when they come into your home.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to accessorize your garage door:

  • Period-Looking Details: Make a statement with fleur-de-lis patterned hinges, iron arrow, or multi-pane windows.
  • Greenery: Potted plants are a good idea to add on the sides of your garage door entrance. You can break the large wall expanse and draw the eyes up by planting tall plants, topiary, shrubs, or trees on the sides. You can add climbing plants to bring shade and to soften the lines of the structure. You can keep it looking fresh by changing the plants every season.
  • Decorative Trellises and Porticos: Using decorative pillars, trims, and built-out roof lines add more intricate detail to your garage door's flat surface.
  • Decorative Wall Stonework: Stamped concrete, a stone driveway, pavers, and a driveway are some of the elements that can add visual interest that can make your garage door pop up.
  • Exterior Lighting: It's a great way of adding more curb appeal to any garage wall. Side and overhead lights are functional and considered a safety feature. Lighting the sky looks striking, and uplighting is effective when the lights are pointed towards leafy shrubs, trees, or plants that create interesting light patterns and shadows, which add an artistic touch to surfaces and structures that are hard. Choose exterior lighting that best complements the style and color tone of your home, bringing the entirety of its look together.

Energy-Efficient and Beautiful Garage Doors Add Value to Your Home

If you live in an area with brutal winters, you need an insulated garage door that will provide you with warmth, as well as one that is highly beneficial to your home. A garage door with the R-value means that it is energy-efficient, and the higher the value, the better is its insulation.

Insulation strengthens your garage door and saves on energy expenditure. It pays off to compare the prices of a non-insulated and insulated garage doors. You might be surprised to find out that insulated garage doors are not that expensive. It will even add value to your home as it is a money-saving and comfort-giving feature.

Boost Your Home's Resale Value with Carriage Style Garage Door

For many homeowners, carriage style garage doors are very popular. Carriage garage doors are very attractive. They also have strong vertical lines that blend with the rest of a home's exterior. You have probably seen homes in your neighborhood featuring this type of garage door.

Carriage garage doors with a true swing style operate like a pair of French doors, which are larger and are usually made of wood hanging on hinges from jams. You can add value to your home by considering installing this type of garage door.

Garage Door Security Is More Than Adding Home Aesthetic Value

Don't make your garage attractive to burglars. You can prevent most garage burglaries by taking simple steps to reinforce and secure windows, service doors, and overhead doors. A secured garage brings more than just aesthetic appeal but also security to your home and peace of mind to all family members.

Here are some tips to improve your home's garage door security:

  • Never leave your garage door remote in the car. Don't give thieves access to your garage. Always take your remote when you leave your car.
  • Downsize your remote because most thieves already have an idea where you place your remote (clipped to your car's visor). Replacing your big remote with a smaller keychain version is a good idea. Make sure to program your remote and your garage door opener properly. If ever you have lost your remote, consider your garage door security compromised. Reset the code of your garage door opener and disable the lost remote.
  • Install a lock reinforcer to prevent the garage door from splitting. In that way, burglars won’t have any way to view or enter your garage door.
  • Scare away burglars with motion detector lights. You can replace light fixtures with upgraded versions or those that come with a built-in motion detector to make your garage more secure. Thieves will think twice before opening a window or door under bright lights.
  • Stop the prying eyes of thieves by using garage window covers using shades, blinds, or curtains. Applying a translucent film over the window glass pane can be done to obscure vision while still allowing light to enter.

A Functional and Aesthetically Appealing Garage Door Gives You Peace of Mind

By choosing the right type and design of your garage door, you'll have peace of mind that your home is secure, as well as stylish. If ever you plan to sell your home in the future, buyers are more attracted to beautiful and functional garage doors.

Make sure that your garage door is working at all times. Check for any vibrations or odd shaking sounds, or obvious cracks or damage. A fully functional garage door will prevent thieves from inadvertently accessing your home. Through this, you keep your family and visitors happy by having a more secure home.

Here are some tips to ensure that you have a fully functional garage door:

  • Conduct annual garage door preventive inspection and maintenance. Even if your garage door seems to work fine, a professional eye would be able to find problems that most homeowners can't observe. That's why seeking expert help is very important at least once a year, most especially if you have an old garage door that’s more than five years.
  • Replace worn out or damaged components as suggested by your garage door technician.
  • Don't delay garage door repair even for minor issues because neglecting them would lead to costly repairs. Also, postponing repairs may aggravate the problem and may pose a safety risk to your family and other people.
  • Report any unusual signs of poor garage door performance or any warning signs that would warrant repair, such as not opening or closing, being stuck, or loud noises.


Garage doors are not simply points of entrance. They make a huge factor in the overall aesthetics of your home. Whether your home has a traditional, elegant, contemporary, rustic, or modern style, there are many options that garage doors can offer, from the materials and hardware to the colors, patterns, and accessories. Once you have made the right choice, you'll benefit from the aesthetic appeal of your garage door by experiencing improved security, having a welcoming atmosphere, and increasing the resale value of your home.