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How to Find the Best Generator for the Best Price

Power outages are unavoidable, especially when natural disasters strike. Owning the right generator for such times is imperative for any homeowner. With it, your life does not have to come to a standstill. Still, most people will wait for the last minute to rush to get one.

Shopping for the right one can prove to be difficult due to the overwhelming choices in the market. They range from standby, portable and inverter generators. Besides, there are various brands from different manufacturers. Rushing to buy one, without a plan or prior research will influence a desperate decision.

1. Features That Matter

In a world where you are spoilt of choices, you have to maximize the practical features that you can get. Most generators will slightly vary in price yet have different characteristics. If these features vary greatly, then you have to consider the options available. Some highlights include:

Automatic Start: This feature saves you quite a hustle. When your power goes off, the generator goes on without any interference from you. When power is back, it shuts down, and the primary source takes over. Emergency power loss will no longer worry you, especially when you are away from your home.

Fuel Alternate: Most models will only run on gasoline. How convenient is it if you got one that allows for alternative fuel? Natural gas and propane are the other popular fuels. If easily accessed, the other alternatives may work as well.

Fuel Gauge: Long blackouts may be less worrying when you can confirm the time for a refill. It is frustrating when your generator also goes off in the middle of an outage. A fuel gauge is a feature that you want on your model!

Low-Oil Shutoff: Engine damage is likely to occur when you run your generator on little oil. This feature induces a shutoff when it reaches low levels.

Several Outlets: This feature first allows for the spread of the load. The load is the number of appliances connected. Many outlets keep the power stable. However, not all outlets should be used at the same time to avoid overloading. The second reason is that several outlets equal a variety of outlet types.

Removable Console: This allows for the connection of appliances without running extension cords outdoor. This feature reduces electrical accidents.

2. Select a Type

Selecting the type of generator will depend on your needs and where you intend to use it. Portable and inverter generators are mobile. Portable ones are popular for outdoor activities. Inverter varieties are more complicated, having a sophisticated exhaust system. They are more efficient and produce fewer emissions.

Home standby generators are permanently installed. They have a linked connection to the primary power source. Hence, they automatically go on and off when need be. They offer the option of different fuel choice. Their reliability is outstanding as they run self-diagnosis and suggest maintenance needs.

They all come in varying sizes and capacity, hence varying price ranges.

3. Focus on Your Power Needs

Models are classified according to their power output. The measurement of the capacity is in watts. The power you need depends on the appliances and lights you intend to run at ones on it.

Before buying, you have to make a critical decision. Decide what you intend to run on the generator when the power goes off. Make a list of all the appliances, lights, and their wattage total. This figure calculated influences the capacity that you will select. For most households, the everyday essentials will include a refrigerator, heater, air conditioner, lights, and a few devices. A 5000 watts generator is ideal for running these.

4. A Transfer Switch

This feature will ensure the safe connection of a standby or portable model to the circuit panel. It saves you a great deal by avoiding damage to appliances and the generators. The switch may work automatically or may need physical help depending on how it's installed. It is advisable to consult a professional for the installation process. Models that support this feature should be your first pick!


Choosing the perfect generator for your home doesn’t have to exhaust you anymore. Using these tips, you can narrow down your list. Consider the different aspects highlighted and make an informed choice. Ensure your choice equals or exceeds the value you that you pay. Many quality generators are available in the market. A good investment may serve your household for many years: giving you a worry-free experience when blackouts occur.