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3 Upgrades To Consider When Renovating Your Home

Whether you're remodeling your entire house, or simply updating your kitchen design, renovation is a major upheaval. It takes money and time, and upends your lifestyle for a while. Which is why you should take the opportunity to upgrade what you can. Chances are, your house was not built in the last twenty years. It was designed with outdated technology in mind, which has implications for everything from climate control to security.

Even small upgrades can take a lot of work, and they're best done when you're already working on your house. When you next decide to renovate, these are 3 upgrades you should consider.

1. Turn it into a smart home

This is by far the biggest upgrade you could give your home. Because most homeowners live in homes built long before the smartphone, smart homes seem very futuristic. Controlling your house from your phone is not yet the norm, and it will be a long time before that becomes the case.

However, it is already significantly cheaper than it once was, and you do not have to be an aristocrat to take the leap. There are small changes you can make to automate some of your home’s functions. When you're renovating, take the opportunity to make these changes. You won’t regret being able to shut the house down for the night from the comfort of your phone.

2. Try DIY home security

On the topic of smart homes, one of the most important aspects is security. Smart home security is more effective than your old alarm system, with the ability to keep track of your home even when you're not there.

But you don’t have to let someone else decide how to do it. DIY home security systems are becoming popular, because we know what we need and it’s not that difficult to implement. Decide whether you need or want cameras inside your home or how you feel about sensors. While you should definitely ensure everything is done at a professional level, you do not need to adapt someone else’s system to your needs.

3. Climate control

One of the most important factors that make a home comfortable is the perfect temperature. You might have a beautiful interior and exterior, and each room customised for its use, but if you're too hot or too cold, you stop caring about everything else. Yes, good air conditioning can be expensive, but it is certainly worth it.

Of course, it’s not just the aircon and heaters we’re talking about. If you're living in an old home with bad insulation, heating up a room might be impossible. You have to resort to sitting right in front of a heater or fire, with layers of clothing and blankets.

When you're renovating, make sure to upgrade your house so that its climate can be controlled effectively. It takes some extra money and work, but it’s one of the most important upgrades you can make.