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12 Ways of setting up a perfect garden office and storage

shed doors open showing small office

The economy is increasingly becoming flexible. It is a world of gigs where most people would prefer to work remotely or from home. While working from home sounds flexible, it might be daunting to heat the whole house to keep warm. Having a garden office could be the best idea in this situation.

Even though you will be working from home, separating your home life from work helps you to be more productive. Packing your laptop and going to the deck, balcony or garden and work under the beauty of nature is something that can help you enjoy your work. Here are factors to consider when setting up an outdoor office.

1. Ensure there is a power connection

Do you have enough points of connecting to power in your garden office? You might need to use a laptop, a desktop or a tablet while in your office and you will need power. You should therefore ensure that there is a point to connect power in your office.

2. What are your needs?

Before setting up your office, you need a stable chair, and somewhere to put your laptop. For a permanent set up, you might need some money and enough space to set up a full outdoor office. If your work involves working online most of the time, you might have to confirm if the network connection in that area is active.

3. Check your foundations

A strong foundation is vital for your safety. Therefore your tables and chairs need to be placed on a sturdy surface. You might need to use large format pavers to come up with a stable area to give you a firm surface that you can use for a long time.

4. Choose double glazing if possible

You might have to seal the panels to lessen heat loss. Using thin windows might make your heating efforts be wasted. As you know, having a warm and cozy place during the winter is essential for your productivity. Double glazing could be the best option. Choosing double glazing will help you feel comfortable during the months of cooler winter. Make sure you clean your windows up to a professional manner on a regular basis not only to keep the levels of your productivity high, but to generally make your garden office presentable.

On the other side of that coin, windows mean sunlight, and I assume you love sunlight hence why you’ve decided to setup your office in the garden.

With that said, you don’t exactly want to be frowning all day with the sun glaring at your eyes, or struggling to see what’s on your screen because of the glare from direct sunlight. Consider tinted windows, curtains or check out cordless cellular shades here.

5. Choose a quiet spot

You might need a quiet place with minimal distractions to work effectively. There is that place in your home where no one can distract you unless it is an urgent matter. Choose a place where you can’t overhear the voices of neighbors or family members.

6. Be conscious of the weather

Did you know that weather can affect your productivity in your office? If it is too cold or too hot, you might be uncomfortable and fail to perform well. You can build your office near a shade screen or a pergola to help your office stay cool. A cool place is essential for your computer and other devices because they have not been designed to remain at extreme temperatures.

7. Size and design of your office

floor layouut of combined shed office

How much space do you want and what is your budget? The size of your office also depends on the availability of space in your compound. Choose a layout that is cost effective and budget friendly.

You might need professional help if you have no idea in this. Are you going to work in that office alone? If you might need to work with other people at times, you might need to create a bigger office that can accommodate at least three people or more depending on the nature of what you do.

Think about the layout, most people have their shed right next to their office, for that extra space which can double in as storage for office equipment and even garden equipment. Figure out the size you need for storage, will 25 square foot be enough or do you need 100 sq ft?

8. Do you have planning permission?

You might have to seek planning permission from your nearby local council about specific dimensions. Some areas might need certain roofing materials and colors. Getting permission from your local council will help you to get proper advice about what you are about to construct.

9. Create smart lighting

Will you be working until the sun goes down? You need enough light all the time as you work. If yes, you might need to make sure that your outdoor lighting will let you see what you are doing. You might have to create windows that allow enough light during the day.

Otherwise you might have to boost your lighting scheme with ceiling-mounted lights so that they can illuminate your work surface. Also, avoid placing them directly in your working position as you will be working in your shadow.

10. Insulate your office effectively

You need to work in a warm and dry place. Such a place is effective as it protects your computer and other devices. You might have to insulate your walls depending on their thickness. Proper insulation helps your office to stay warm and avoid losing too much heat during the winter.

11. Select the right furniture

If you want to work on a separate chair and desk on an outside office, you need to choose portable styles, light in weight so that you can move them around easily. If you might consider working on your outdoor dining table, ensure that it is flat and not grooved so that your items won’t slip through and fall.

Now you can go ahead and set up your home office using the above tips. A home office is crucial as it helps you achieve your goals at the comfort of your home. With a home office, you can stay focused and comfortable as you manage your tasks without interruptions. A gardener can also help you to set up a perfect garden office if you don’t have time to set up one.

12. Get rid of the garden clutter

Finally, get rid of any rubbish or junk in your garden. No matter how beautiful that new office/storage shed of yours looks, it’s going to look horrible surrounded by mess. Sure, mow your lawn, do your gardening, and renovate the garden but renovation junk and waste can be easily removed by calling a rubbish removal company for construction junk. You don’t need to break your back trying to carry that waste into the junkyard, sit back, relax, have a cup of tea - in your new garden office!